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These custom A Mother's Love Baby Carriers are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium, high-quality material!


  • A parent's greatest joy is their child and the best bonding between them happens in the first years of a child's life, when they are at their most vulnerable between the time they are a newborn baby until they reach the age of a toddler.... These incredible A Mother's Love Baby Carriers are incredibly practical when it comes to carrying your child within the house or outdoors and.will enrich the growing bond between yourself and your much-loved bundle of joy
  • Your gorgeous child may be safely held in our carrier and securely fastened to your body in 10 different positions, including Face-to-Face, Kangaroo Pouch and BackPack, all of which are entertaining to the child and pragmatic for you in completing various tasks around the house, shopping at the supermarket, a walk in the park with your dog and many more exciting activities.
  • Our carriers are fitted with head pads to protect the fragile neck area and support the development of the baby's spine.
  • The soft MPF material in our carriers is extremely comfortable to your infant in the horizontal position in contrast to the hard PU material which is relatively harder and not as cosy.
  • Fiber cotton pads are also utilised which are fluffy and soft and the use of Polyester fabric helps the baby's skin breathe, is anti-wrinkle and anti-wear and prevents skin allergies.
  • For parents, the adoption of breathable sponge in our carrier reduces abdominal pressure and abdominal discomfort, a widened belt releases waist stress and a shoulder strap with IXPE material minimizes shoulder stress.
  • These units have been designed to help you give your child all your attention but also to navigate all the other lesser but important priorities with consummate ease. Family is everything and our carrier is certain to bond you and your loved one for life.
  • Age Range: 2-36 months
  • Material: Polyester
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 20kg / 44 lbs
  • Waist Line: 65 cm to 118 cm / 25.6 inches to 46.5 inches

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